We love Toyotas at Boca Auto Fix

Did you know at Boca Auto Fix, Toyotas are our second most serviced vehicle brand, only below Honda?  There is a good reason why there are so many Toyotas on the road.  In fact, the Toyota Camry has been the highest selling midsize sedan in the US for 21 years straight

we love toyotas at boca auto fix - boca auto fix

Owner and ASE Master Certified Technician, Doug DeLucca, has a long history with Toyota.  As a child, his father bought the family’s first Asian car, and it was a Toyota.  The car had over 275,000 miles before it was sold.  That was the first time Doug was introduced to the reliability of a Toyota vehicle.  That type of mileage back then, against vehicles like Chevrolets or Fords was unheard of.  That Toyota still retained its original engine and transmission.  There was very little repair needed and was properly maintained.  

Doug’s first truck many years ago was a Toyota Tacoma.  That truck was driven for many years and is still on the road today.  Doug’s father owns the Tacoma and it now has over 330,000 miles. That truck is still on the original engine and 5 speed transmission.  Even the air conditioning still blows cold in the south Florida heat!  

we love toyotas at boca auto fix - boca auto fix

Doug’s current daily driver is a Toyota Camry.  The car was purchased from a friend and co-worker after there was an issue with the radiator.  The Camry radiator was repaired along with a full maintenance schedule performed.  The Camry has been a very reliable and fuel efficient car.  The air conditioning blows cold, there are no fluid leaks, the cost of ownership is low while the resale value remains strong.  

So the question is, why do you like Toyotas so much?  It’s simple really, reliability.  Japanese auto manufacturers have a long history of creating the most reliable vehicles in the US market.  This is proven by their strong sales numbers and their higher resale values over that of competing domestic vehicles.   In our day to day in the shop, we see the same reliability.  Toyota vehicles are simply built better.  The materials used don’t wear out as fast.  We see less fluid leaks such as engine oil, transmission fluid or coolant.  There tends to be less electrical issues like solenoids or sensors that go bad.  It’s rare to see timing components fail or need to be addressed. 

we love toyotas at boca auto fix - boca auto fix

From a mechanic’s perspective, Toyotas are typically easier to work on. Things like spark plugs, drive belts, batteries, radiators, hoses, alternators and oil filters are located in easily accessible, no-nonsense locations.  This simple design indirectly makes it less expensive for the customer to repair their Toyotas.  For instance, the labor time on a water pump for a Toyota is typically less then lets say a Dodge or a Ford. This makes our technicians more efficient to ensure our customers get their Toyota’s back faster.   

Another benefit is Toyota parts are readily available.  It’s rare for us at Boca Auto Fix to have challenges finding parts for Toyotas.  We are very fortunate being located in Boca Raton that we have a strong Toyota dealer presence that can get us OEM parts fast.  Many of the parts that need to be replaced are in stock at our local dealer.  If we can’t get OEM parts, we find the aftermarket and OES parts suppliers have excellent support as well.   

As you can tell, we do love servicing, maintaining and repairing Toyota vehicles.  From Highlanders to Corollas, from Rav4s to Tundras, we service all makes and model Toyotas.  If you own a Toyota and would like us to provide you with our Digital Vehicle Inspection, you can make an reservation here or call us at (561) 826-8834