Fluid Leaks

One of the main objectives when we complete a visual inspection of your vehicle is to check for any fluid leaks. These fluids may include:

  • Engine Oil
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Coolant or Antifreeze
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Differential Fluid
  • Transfer Case Fluid
  • Windshield Washer Fluid

We want to ensure we document all leaks noted in our visual inspection and notify our clients of their existence. Resolving fluid leaks early on in your vehicle as part of preventative maintenance is important for several reasons:

Safety: Safety is always our top priority at Boca Auto Fix. Fluid leaks, especially when they occur on the road, can create hazardous conditions. For example, engine oil or coolant leaks, can make the road slippery and increase the risk of accidents. Have you ever seen the dark stripe on the Boca Raton roads? That is residue produced from a variety of fluids that leak out of vehicles.

Environmental Impact: When your vehicle leaks and of the above mentioned fluid, it has to go somewhere. Fluids such as engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and coolant can be harmful to the environment when they leak onto the ground. These fluids can and will contaminate soil and water sources when being washed off our roadways, causing harm to wildlife and ecosystems.

Your vehicle’s reliability: Regularly and consistently maintaining and proactively resolving issues with your vehicle, including addressing fluid leaks promptly can extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Preventing damage from leaks helps ensure that your vehicle remains reliable for a longer period. For example, an engine oil leak that originates from the engine’s valve cover, can easily soak your radiator hoses with engine oil. The oil over time will accelerate the degradation of your radiator hose, possibly resulting in a hose rupture. At a minimum, the oil on the hose will force us to have to replace sooner, resulting in higher costs.

Your vehicle’s performance: Fluid leaks can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle. Automatic transmission leaks can and eventually will cause a low fluid condition. This can cause transmission slipping or lack of gear changes. This will slow your vehicle’s acceleration down dramatically and accelerate transmission wear. If an engine oil leak is left unattended too, it can lead to inadequate lubrication, potentially causing engine damage, reduced fuel efficiency, and poor overall performance. If your engine coolant leak is not addressed in a timely fashion, it can result in overheating and engine damage as well. Any of the above scenarios can cause your vehicle to become unsafe to drive or worse leave you stranded.

Cost Savings: In general, preventative maintenance and proactive vehicle repair will cost less in the long run. Ignoring fluid leaks can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line. For example, a minor differential oil leak, if not caught in a timely fashion and addressed, can lead to major differential damage that requires costly repairs or even complete differential or axle replacement.

Vehicle Resale Value: When you sell your vehicle in the future, having a well-maintained, well documented and leak-free vehicle can significantly increase its resale value. Providing a prospective buyer with a full documented maintenance and repair history is more likely to pay a higher price for your car or truck since it can be proven it has been well taken care of.

Uncovering, documenting and resolving fluid leaks is key for a safe, reliable and efficient vehicle. Regular visiting Boca Auto Fix to ensure the maintenance and prompt repair of leaks are completed is crucial to keep your vehicle in good condition and minimize potential negative consequences.

At Boca Auto Fix we have fixed many fluid leaks, and can diagnose your vehicle’s leak to make sure that your vehicle is safe, reliable and efficient. If your vehicle needs a fluid leak repaired, our nationally ASE certified technicians will get it fixed, and we back their work with a 3 year / 36,000 miles warranty. So if your vehicle leaks any fluids, call Boca Auto Fix in Boca Raton and we will make your vehicle healthy again.

Below are a few pictures and a video of a variety of fluid leaks we have found during our inspection process that each and every vehicle receives that rolls through our Boca Raton auto repair facility.

Example of an Engine Oil leak:

engine oil valve cover gasket leak - 2008 honda accord
Engine Oil Valve Cover Gasket Leak – 2008 Honda Accord

Example of an automatic transmission fluid leak:

automatic transmission fluid leak - 2017 toyota rav 4
Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak – 2017 Toyota Rav 4