Were You DUCKED by Boca Auto Fix? That’s because we think your Jeep is awesome!

a rubber duck wearing a mechanic's uniform and cap, branded with the boca auto fix logo, is positioned above the bold text: "you've been ducked because your jeep is sweet!". the duck holds tools in its hands, symbolizing automotive repair services.

Welcome to the DUCK DUCK JEEP Movement

Where Jeep enthusiasts unite under the banner of kindness and community and seek to spread joy one duck at a time! 

DUCK DUCK JEEP is more than just a movement; it’s a lifestyle. It brings together Jeep lovers from all walks of life. It’s about spreading kindness and positivity to others. 

A small gesture with big ripple effects, creating connections and spreading happiness wherever the road may lead.

Join in on the QUACK-tion

What are you waiting for? Grab some ducks, rev up your Jeep, and let the ducking adventures begin! Together, we’ll spread joy around Boca Raton and beyond, creating memories, and leaving a trail of smiles in our wake!

Learn More About Jeep Ducking

If you want to learn more about Jeep Ducking and how it started, you can learn more HERE.

boca auto fix for jeep repair and maintenance. a illustration of red jeep with the boca auto fix logo on the windshield, set against a dark blue background.

Why Choose Boca Auto Fix for Jeep Repair and Maintenance?

Expert Jeep Repair

At Boca Auto Fixwe specialize in Jeep repair and maintenance, ensuring that your Jeep remains in peak condition. Our ASE Master Certified technician, Doug DeLucca, brings years of experience and expertise to every service we offer. We handle a wide range of Jeep-specific services, including:

  • Factory Recommended Maintenance: Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your Jeep running smoothly.
  • Brake Repair: Ensuring your Jeep’s braking system is reliable and safe.
  • Transmission Services: Keeping your Jeep’s transmission in top shape for off-road and on-road performance.
  • Brake Fluid Exchanges: Maintaining the efficiency of your Jeep’s braking system.
  • Auto A/C Services (R1234yf and R134a refrigerants): Keeping you cool in the Florida heat.
  • Suspension Repair: Ensuring a smooth and stable ride, whether on the trails or the highway.
  • Filter, Hose, and Belt Replacements: Replacing worn components to maintain your Jeep’s performance.
  • Diagnostics and Electrical Repair: Using advanced tools to diagnose and fix electrical issues.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns.
  • Battery Services: Ensuring your Jeep starts every time.
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI): Providing a comprehensive overview of your Jeep’s health.
  • Pre-trip and Pre-purchase Inspections: Ensuring your Jeep is ready for any adventure.


Comprehensive Digital Vehicle Inspections

Our Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) set us apart from quick lube services. We take the time to visually review 30-40 different items on your Jeep, including the air filter, tire treads, fluids, lights, belts, and hoses. This comprehensive inspection, along with the oil change, typically takes 90 minutes. We prioritize services based on safety, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring that you have a full picture of your Jeep’s health and maintenance needs.

Transparent Communication

At Boca Auto Fix, we believe in clear and honest communication. After completing the DVI, we provide detailed estimates for each recommended service, helping you understand what your Jeep needs today and in the near future. This transparency helps our clients budget for future work and ensures that their Jeep remains safe and reliable on the road.

Personalized Service

As a family-owned business, we offer personalized service and a commitment to community values. Doug DeLucca, our owner, prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring that every repair meets the highest standards. We understand the importance of building long-term relationships with our clients, especially families with kids who want to keep their vehicles in top condition.

Convenient Amenities

We offer several amenities to make your experience as smooth as possible:

  • Pay Over the Phone: Secure and convenient payment methods.
  • Shuttle Service via Uber: Providing transportation while your vehicle is being serviced.
  • After-Hours Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Flexible options for busy schedules.

Exceptional Warranty

We stand by the quality of our work with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on our services, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the repairs we perform.

Schedule Your Jeep Repair and Maintenance in Boca Raton, FL

Why don’t you experience the difference for yourself? Schedule your appointment easily online at www.bocaautofix.com or call us today at 561-826-8834. Experience the communication, transparency, and service that Boca Auto Fix has to offer.