Embracing the Joy of Jeep Ducking: A Personal Journey

Hey there, fellow Jeep enthusiasts! Alissa here, co-owner of Boca Auto Fix, and I’m thrilled to share a heartwarming tale that’s been driving our passion for spreading joy on and off the road. So, grab a seat, buckle up, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of Jeep ducking!

The Rise of Jeep Ducking

Over the years, I’ve noticed a charming trend among Jeep owners – the presence of rubber ducks adorning their dashboards. What started as a quirky decoration has evolved into a beloved tradition known as Jeep ducking. And let me tell you, it’s been an absolute delight to witness its rise in popularity.

How Jeep Ducking Began

You may wonder how ducking became a thing and we have Allison Parliament to thank for starting the trend. The story goes that while traveling from Alabama to Canada during the pandemic, Allison had an unnerving altercation with a gentleman at a gas station. After the altercation, Allison saw a bag of rubber ducks at a local store and decided to purchase them to spread joy to others. She placed her first rubber duck on a Jeep in the parking spot next to her with “Nice Jeep” written across it in Sharpie. Allison ducked a few more Jeeps that day and expected the idea to fizzle out but instead, her simple act of kindness went viral. Now Jeep Ducking is a thing across 50 countries and growing!

Our Journey with Jeep Ducking

As Doug and I cruised around Boca Raton, we couldn’t help but notice more and more Jeeps proudly displaying their ducks of all shapes and sizes. Each duck seemed to exude its unique personality, from classic yellow ducks to whimsical-themed ducks that added a touch of flair to every ride. We talked about getting our own ducks made on several occasions, but it never really came to fruition.

A Memorable Encounter

I’ll never forget the moment that truly sparked my fascination with Jeep ducking. A client came into our shop for auto repairs on her 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport, and as I approached her Jeep, I was greeted by a delightful sight – her dashboard was filled with an array of colorful ducks, each one more adorable than the last. We struck up a conversation, and she shared with me the story behind her duck collection and the collection she keeps in a box on her floorboard for sharing with others. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and before I knew it, she was gifting me one of her cherished ducks and it made my day!! That simple act of kindness touched my heart and ignited a fire within me to spread joy in our unique way.

Joining the Jeep Ducking Movement

And so, the idea was born. Boca Auto Fix would join the Jeep ducking movement and share the love with our clients. We designed our very own branded Mechanic Ducks, each one adorned with our logo as a symbol of our commitment to quality service and genuine camaraderie. 

Schedule Your Jeep Repair and Maintenance in Boca Raton, FL

So, why do we jump on the Jeep ducking bandwagon? Beyond fixing cars, our mission at Boca Auto Fix is to not only fix your cars the right way but also to brighten your day and make your automotive experience truly memorable. And what better way to do that than with an adorable and colorful token of our appreciation? It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your vehicle and spreading smiles wherever the road may take you.

Join us in embracing the joy of Jeep ducking, and let’s make every journey a little bit brighter, one duck at a time.